Spring 2020 – hope of new life in times of uncertainty

by | Mar 17, 2020

Spring Old Tree Magnolia

When the first signs of spring start to appear and the sun has a bit of warmth, it gives one hope of new life and inspires one to take a closer at the beauty that surrounds us.

In times of distress and uncertainty, nature has a wonderful healing power and can transform the feeling of anxiety to one of peace, and calm.  Working with nature and plants is therapeutic for all of us.  If only we would allow ourselves the time just to be still, observe and listen, we would feel so much more at peace within ourselves.

This past winter has been a soggy one which has been enough to dampen anyone’s spirits.  When the ongoing subject of Brexit felt like it would never end, the news headlines got taken over by the very real concern of coronavirus and the uncertainty of the future which will affect everyone in every way on a global scale.

We need, more than ever before, the beauty of spring and the hope that new life brings.  If you are  “self-isolating” due to the coronavirus , living alone or need to take your mind off what is happening around you in whatever circumstances you find yourself in, take the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and spend time in your garden, doing the projects that you normally wouldn’t have time to do.  Being in tune with nature and completing simple chores where you see results gives one the sense of achievement, energises and inspires one to do more.

If you need guidance on what to do, even if in self- isolation, I can advise you on a consultation basis. Just email me your requirements and send me a brief of what you would like to achieve and with, preferably including some photographs of the areas you need help with.  We can discuss by email or by phone.  I can arrange delivery of plants and place in situ for you to make things easier if needed.  The initial consultation fee will be £80.  Once I know the size of the project and the level of detail required I will give you an estimate on drawing up a planting plan or designing a garden layout.

Here is a list of garden tasks you can do during March / April:

  • Rake up old leaves & storm debris from the lawn
  • Mow the lawn on dry days (if needed) on a higher setting
  • Hoe and mulch weeds to keep them under control early
  • Cut back winter shrubs
  • Prune bush and climbing roses
  • Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials
  • Top dress containers with fresh compost
  • Plant summer bulbs
  • Plant shallots, onion sets and early potatoes
  • Weed paths and gravel areas

Do you need help with your garden?

If you are inspired to start an exciting gardering project, or need some inspiration, please feel free to get in contact with me.


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