Initial Consultation

The initial consultation normally takes approximately one hour depending on the size of the property and includes a verbal discussion of design possibilities, brief notes and site assessment.  I also take into account the client’s personal preference for style and colour. 

There is an initial fee of £80 for this first consultation due to the fact that I will give you a lot of verbal advice and a rough idea of design possibilities during this consultation.

Once I have assessed the property and level of detail required I will give you an estimate for follow-up plans as required as follows:-

Site Assessment

Before proceeding with the design, a full site assessment of the garden will be undertaken, including boundaries, existing buildings, existing trees and shrubs, levels, soil type, prevailing winds and other elements.

Concept Drawing

I will provide you with preliminary concept overview drawings of the proposed layout for the garden with a written description offering different options to discuss.  The purpose of this stage is to incorporate your brief into the initial proposed design layouts to convey the feeling of the proposed garden.

Master Plan

Presentation of detailed plans of the garden layout with details of hard landscaping, features and design elements to bring the overall design to life.  I take pride in presenting good quality hand drawn plans with some computer generated finishing touches. 

I provide the design elements but rely on the landscape contractor to provide quotations with their construction expertise. 

Planting Plan

A detailed planting plan is drawn up showing the positioning of the plants with a comprehensive plant list, which is discussed & agreed with the client.

Quotation for Implementation, Project Management & Site Supervision

The recommended contractor(s) will provide a quotation in accordance with the drawings.

I will be involved with liaising between the client & the contractor throughout the whole build project if it involves hard landscaping, but it will be managed by the contractor themselves. 


I will be involved throughout this process:

  • Sourcing & selecting plants
  • Delivery & placing of plants in situ
  • Supervising of planting
  • Sourcing & selecting plants
  • Delivery & placing of plants in situ
  • Supervising of planting


You will be provided with prelimanary concept drawings at different stages of the design process before the master plan is finalised. 

The client will be involved with the design process from start to finish.

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